In all over the world, there are many car championships held every year, but the most significant car championship is held in the month of October. The world’s most famous car championship is held in New South Wales, Australia at the Mount Panorama track. The event name is the Bathurst 1000, and it was first held in 1960 at the Philip Island Grand Prix track. In early 1963, this event track changed and Mount Panorama became the host of this event. This is the ultimate Auto Bathurst 1000 tracks and the people of Australia and all over the world love to watch this event on this circuit.

This track is also known for Wahluu and in this track, the Bathurst, the 12-hour event is held every year in the month of February. The Mount Panorama circuit is 6.2 km long with the standard speed restrictions. This circuit also hasa history; the first championship held at this track was the Australian Grand Prix in the year of 1938. This circuit hosted the different types of motorsport such as the annual 12-hour race, motorcycle, and endurance race.

If you’re a resident of South Wales, then you must watch this car event at least once in a lifetime. The track direction is anti-clockwise, and the average speed is 178 km/hr,and 300 km/hr is the top speed on this track.

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  • Corner of hell:In this track, many drivers face the problem at the Hell corner. In Bathurst 1000 event,many accidents happened in the Hell corner. This corner was named Hell after the death of motorcycle driver which hit the stump and died.
  • Climb Mountain: This is a long straight road which drivers climb to go towards the Griffins bend. The super car V8 reaches the speed of 290 km/hr in this straight road before the Griffin bend point.
  • Griffins arch: This corner is named after the mayor of Bathurst, Martin Griffin. He is behind the creation of this circuit. Drivers have to be more careful on this bend not to drift far from the track; otherwise, they can easily run out from the track.
  • Murray’s curve: This is the final corner of the race before the pit shop, and it’s the lowest point of the track. It’s the best place for drivers to overtake other drivers and it has a 90-degree left turn.

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