Why Fly to Cape Town for Vacations

When you decide to take a vacation and zone out from your daily routine, Cape Town is one of the ideal destinations. What makes it suitable for a vacation is a variety of things you get to do and see here. From the natural aesthetic view to food and a lesson in history- Cape Town doesn’t fail to amaze tourists from all around the world. All you have to do is find cheap flights to Cape Town. This city of South Africa covers three fundamental requisites of being a great travel destination as listed below.


If you visit Cape Town, the first thing to catch your attention would be how natural it is despite the buzz of an urban city. Table Mountain is one of the world’s highest commercial abseil. It offers aerial cableway as well as a number of trails to reach up and get back down. While the cableway gives you an overall view of the city, the trails are equally beautiful and worth the exhausting climb by foot.

Cheap flights to Cape Town

If you have a thing for adventure, you would want to try shark cage diving at Gansbaii. For a safer water treat, you can visit one of the hidden waters that offer a peaceful time in secluded shores. A number of beaches, like Beta beach, Oudekraal, Smitswinkelbaai, Tietiesbaai, treat you to absolute solace and an amazing beach experience away from the noises of city.


Like every nation, South Africa has a fair share of history. People who are passionate about history should make it a point to visit Robben Island and The District Six Museum. Robben Island is a symbol of triumph of hope over centuries of cruelty and oppression. It has become a synonym for Nelson Mandela who spent eighteen years in its maximum security prison.

The District Six Museum on the other hand, is an award-winning community museum. It is about the history of the ruling government back when they declared the area just for whites and thousands of residents were taken from their houses to Cape Flats. Besides these two places, you can consider visiting the National Gallery, Houses of Parliament, Iziko Planetarium, and Iziko Slave Lodge.


You can find best local food of Cape Town around the center of the city. Places, like Africa Café, Mama Africa, Marco’s African Place, etc. have great local dishes to offer. Besides food, there is a place called “Long Street” where you can get good drinks and a great ambience for partying.

You should plan your vacation wisely accommodating right amount of time to witness all the great places in Cape Town. Also, while booking your flights, you should rightly do so by comparing the rates and finding cheapest one.