Imagine a fire engine red background with the white curved line cutting across the middle. If you got the picture perfectly in your head you’re probably thinking of a popular soda too. That’s because they’ve perfected the art of branding and promotion. Even without a logo, certain symbols have become linked to their products. The famous soda making company is one of the many companies that know good promotion.

How did they get there though? Well, with a lot of trials and tribulations. Promoting your business is challenging and needs constant attention. If you want your customers to recall your logo then they need to see it as much as possible, which can be expensive. There are some cost-effective ways though to promote your business.

truck graphics

When a Logo Sticks

Before you make commercials and ads you need to start with the basics. Your business card and website need to be as consistent to your logo or brand as much as possible. Use the same font and colors to keep it familiar. If you look at the website of famous brands as an example, the fonts and colors they use are the same as what’s seen on the actual product. It makes for a strong recall. You can go the extra mile and even stick your logo on truck graphics along delivery vehicles. Focus on making your logo and brand look as great as possible on the basic touch point first.

Create a Great Tagline

A great tagline can help customers remember you even more. A tagline also helps customers know more about what they can expect when they try your product or service. Don’t be pressured to come up with one right away. It’s actually a lot harder than one might think when they try to come up with a tagline. There are a few business that still don’t even have one. Having a tagline is more like a cherry on top. Don’t rush into using one you’re not totally happy with. It doesn’t come right away but it’s developed after you get to know your business even more.

Promotion is all about how you make your brand appear to your customer. When you’ve decided how your logo and branding will look like then it’s a matter of staying consistent with it. If your website looks different than your ads then it’ll just confuse your shopper. You want to make it as easy as possible to remember.