Richelieu Dennis discusses the differences between establishing a career and a business

Liberia in West Africa is where Richelieu Dennis was born and reared. His mother’s country, Sierra Leone, and the place where his father hails from both experienced civil conflicts during the period he was growing up. His family frequently left the country to escape the bloodshed in both.

Dennis claimed that it was challenging to live in Liberia. Numerous murders, student demonstrations, unrest, and unjustified incarceration occurred. Due to the ongoing civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone, he was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to attend college in the United States. He continued to live there even after graduating.

The Influence of His Parents on His Leadership Style

Dennis’ mother was a government-employed economist, while his father operated an insurance company. But because both of his grandparents were business owners, he saw the influence that a company might have on the next generation.

He is completely engrossed in the business lessons his mother taught him. She even ended up becoming his partner. Richelieu Dennis developed some of the top cosmetic products for African American ladies with the support of his mother and his college friend Nyema Tubman. Dennis has chosen this quality as his guiding concept for leadership and describes his mother as a caring leader.

Leadership Principles

Making the transition to entrepreneurship wasn’t without its challenges. Richelieu Dennis was surprised to find that he needed to train more new hires than he had anticipated. They also lacked the infrastructure necessary to support the knowledge of these people.

Dennis discovered the value of having mentors and asking others for advice despite the difficulty of creating the groundwork. He now concentrates on imparting his skills to others who need assistance.

Customer backlash towards beauty products

After a new campaign that mostly showed white ladies, the Shea Moisture natural cosmetics company received negative feedback from consumers. The majority of Shea Moisture’s customers did not like the campaign because they thought it was inappropriate for the market segment that had helped it become what it is today.

Dennis claims that the commercial was the product of subpar brand management, but they accepted responsibility for it. He claimed to have discovered the need of introducing new employees to the company’s culture.

Hire Procedure

Richliey Dennis considers Sundial Brands to be a purpose-driven company. Whether a potential employee is coming on board to launch a career or a business is a major worry throughout the hiring process. He thinks you can’t create a business by creating

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What is E-learning?

E-learning is a comprehensive phrase that refers to the transmission of professional development content using technological and virtual media. E-learning education material may take many forms, such as engaging courses, video files, audiobooks, presentations, manuals, online e-workshops, and much more. E-learning could perhaps be housed over the internet or via a private area connection, and it is often facilitated by a Learning Management System (LMS). visit website for one of such custom eLearning development company providers for more updates.

Two Types of E-learning 

While designing an E-learning strategy, a company has two different options: custom programming or pre-designed stuff (off-the-shelf). Made-to-order or customized e-learning material often allows companies greater flexibility around the service’s marketing, subject matter, and visual appeal. Pre-designed e-learning content compromises customization and is typically fitted for businesses educating on basic themes like group construction and organizational expertise.

eLearning Development Company

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How Can You Become a Good Leader and Improve Your Leadership Qualities?

There are many companies that couldn’t compete with the global competition. And ones that succeeded, some couldn’t sustain their place in the market. Some great leaders like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet and Alexei Orlov, with their unshakable determination and vision, and hard work, have led their respective businesses and companies to heights. With their strong leadership qualities and belief, they have given a completely new dimension in the business world. Here are some top leadership qualities that a great leader needs to have:


One important quality that each leader has is Integrity. You can’t run business successfully in case you lack on integrity. Business leaders know that integrity is a foundation of the strong leadership, and one should go with their beliefs. Doesn’t matter how difficult the situation, a great leader motivates with his beliefs and principles without compromising; and they refrain making any false promises and take shortcuts, going with their action and thoughts over any personal gain.

Important Leadership Qualities


Great and strong leaders have got a vision and they are able to see their future. They actually have the clear and exciting idea on where they want to go and what they want to accomplish as well as are best in the strategic planning. Such quality separates the great leaders from the managers. Having the clear vision turns an individual in a special kind of person. Such quality of vision actually changes the “transactional manager” in the “transformational leader.”

Final Words

There are many good leaders in the world that are yet to be discovered. There’s a leader in all of us. You have this potential of being a great leader. Suppose you do not feel like such characteristics of the great leader sufficiently describe you, do not panic — there are many other ways to improve your leadership qualities.


The number of bakeries across the globe is growing at a great pace. There are a lot of home bakers who showcase their baking skills and run home bakeries. Technology helped even housewives to start a bakery business. Buying commercial and industrial bakery equipment is now easier. Although it is easy to start up a business, the challenge lies in making it successful.


Make sure to assess your capabilities and workflow management before diversifying. Study the costs associated with your plans to ensure its sustainability. Be creative and engage in various innovations.

Catering for birthdays and other events is a great way to introduce your business to more people. Corporate events are also becoming a trend. You can also try mobile dessert food trucks near schools and offices. Adding an online storefront will let you capture the crowd on social media platforms. You can sell your baked goodies in so many ways.


The decor of your bakery shop can draw the attention of people passing by. It can also give a good first impression to those who enter the shop. Make sure you put up nice large signage outside. Let your signage design speak about your professional side of conducting your business.

bakery equipment manufacturers

Build a relationship

The growth and success of your bakery business depends on a lot of factors. Your personal contact and rapport with vendors and suppliers is among those factors. Build a friendship with them to ensure a steady supply of raw materials. You can even get discounts if you order from them often. Always give your business card to vendors and suppliers you meet. Make sure your contact details are there so they can contact you for a business deal.

Integrate with online delivery platforms

A lot of people now prefer to order food than go out and dine. Integrating with online delivery platforms will let more customers enjoy your products. It would be best if customers can also order from your website.

Offer free samples

Most customers do not want to buy unfamiliar food. That is because they do not want to risk buying something not tasty. Handing out samples of your dishes will let them have a taste of your baked goods. Customers will be willing to buy what you are giving out if they are delicious and if they look good.

Managing a bakery business is not an easy feat but if you follow these tips, it will help boost your sales.

A Mix of Intellect and Entertainment in One

Hamed Wardak is here to make a statement to everyone who cares to listen. He is an entertainer with a difference and an outstanding musician. He has got what it takes to positively affect the world around him and he is doing a good job of it.   He is called Valen of Wicked because he is the major moving force behind that identity and his popularity is going global. He is a special entertainer but the world has not seen enough of him; he still has quite a lot to offer. He is a bridge builder and specially inspires the world around him.

Hamed Wardak is a highly educated individual and notable scholar. He was named among the 32 college students awarded the Rhodes Scholars award in 1997. He graduated from the Georgetown University in Washington D.C.  He was even named valedictorian of his graduating class.  He graduated with a BA in Government and Political Theory. He has a very wonderful business beginning and this has helped him to make a huge impact in the entertainment world today.  His solid educational background and experience contributes a great deal to his current impressive performance in the entertainment world.  His college performance also opened lots of doors of opportunities for him, making him a voice to reckon with in the entertainment world and beyond.

Budding Entertainer

After his beautiful education history in the United States, Hamed Wardak went back to his home country, Afghanistan and was involved in helping those who were in deer need of help during the Afghan Civil War.  He later returned to the United States after the war was over and was involved so many great works that further pushed his identity to the limelight, making him a force to reckon with especially among young people of different backgrounds. There is no doubt that this enigma has a lot to offer the world of entertainment.

Challenges faced by Entrepreneurial mothers

Lack of efficiency and performance is the biggest challenge faced by a large number of entrepreneurial mothers. This article outlines challenges faced by entrepreneur moms and provides pertinent avenues to follow to circumvent this difficulty.

What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by working moms?

 As a mom entrepreneur, you have to face two challenges without always being aware of them:

 1-Successfully developing your business in a family environment: it is indeed the choice made by a majority of you.

2-Successfully switching from a salaried mode of operation to an entrepreneur mode of operation. This change is far from trivial but is essential if you want to succeed as a mom entrepreneur.

To meet both of these challenges, here are relevant tracks that can help you become more effective as a mom entrepreneur:

Entrepreneurial mothers

1- Create your business bubble, as often as possible
It is imperative for your own effectiveness to create what is called your “business bubble” at your home. This “business bubble” must allow you when you are within to fully and 100% devote yourself to the various tasks of your business, eliminating any distracting external harmful to your efficiency. As you know, there are plenty of distractions when working in your home: children, domestic chores, family / family phone calls, the Internet etc. So you have to identify the distractions that have a negative impact on your own effectiveness as an entrepreneur and to look for the opportunities for change that you can operate in your organization, to get away from it. Only then can you be effective.

2-Managing your business with the cap of an entrepreneur

By setting yourself to your own account, You have chosen to change your status, that is to say, to change from being an employee to being an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, it is up to you now to think in terms of vision for your company, goals to achieve in the long term and actions to be put in place and to develop to achieve the results that you expect. Finally, do not forget to regularly analyze your results to adapt your strategies.

3-Adopt modes of operation that support your effectiveness

Take the time and step back to ask yourself about your modes of operation, your own strengths and limitations, and discover the strategies you use naturally and often unconsciously in all your successes, small or large. Indeed, the more you are aware of your modes of operation and the more you can act in order to be as efficient as possible. You can then replicate the attitudes and behaviors that support your effectiveness and modify those that are counterproductive.