The Unique Characteristics of Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the must have jewelry available in the market. It is known to be a very brilliant gemstone that reflects light extraordinarily. It is one of the highest valued gemstones on Earth. Owning a diamond jewelry such as a necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets will make anyone look classy and rich. Because of its ability to determine social status, some very rich people go as far as having their other items diamond studded like their bags, clothes, and even their furniture.

However, diamonds are not just about gleam and glamour. Diamonds also possess characteristics that cannot be found in other gems. Diamonds are also considered as of high class of all material. Here are only some of the unique characteristics of a diamond.


The most famous characteristic of diamonds is its hardness. There is no harder material available on Earth that is harder than the diamond. It has also experimented that no other material can cut a diamond. Only a diamond can cut itself. Because of its almost unbreakable hardness, diamonds are attached to the edges of blades to make them a very sharp and strong cutter.


Diamonds, like other gems, are capable of reflecting light. However, in the case of the diamond, it has the highest luster. This means that when a light passes through a diamond it can reflect all the 8 rainbow colors perfectly. It also means that diamonds are capable of reflecting almost a perfect percentage of the light that shines on them.

Thermal Conductivity

Because the diamond has a strong covalent bonding and a low phonon scattering, it becomes the best form of heat conductor. It is five times a better heat conductor than copper. However, to avoid confusion, diamond is not a good electrical conductor.

Chemical Stability

 Because of the firmness of the components of a diamond, it is chemically stable. This means that it does not react to any chemicals such as acids. It will require the chemical to have a very high temperature to make a slight reaction on the diamond.

There are more very unique characteristics of diamond yet to be unraveled. But with only these characteristic laid out. It is already safe to say that a diamond is a very strong and highly valued material. It is a no wonder why it costs a lot of money to own one. If you are looking for diamond buyers , please click the link.