What’s So Trendy About NBA 2K18 That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

NBA 2k18 is a video game that is solely dedicated to the game of basketball. Every year Visual Concepts celebrates the game of basketball with the yearly update of this game. With each update, offering a better gameplay, better features and of course the updated line up of teams that are currently in the NBA right now.

Trendy About NBA 2K18

This is by far one of the most controversial releases of the game, this is because when the game was released, it was the time where Kyrie Irving called it quits with the Cavaliers and went to Boston. Shortly after that, fans of the game were shocked to see a Kyrie Irving poster as the cover of the game as a Celtic.

This was the selling point of the game: This made the game even more intriguing, that people that loved the game just couldn’t resist getting their hands on it. But as much as the developers can brag about their updated cover on Kyrie, there was something more in the game than just a Boston Celtic Kyrie character. It was the gameplay, the locker codes and the up to date team lineups that the developers always got right.

This is the reason why people kept playing the game: One of the most stunning things on this game is its approach in making it as real as possible, that can make anyone glued to their seats. They always make the movements and the graphics as realistic as possible, giving the players more character and give you the feeling that you’re watching an actual game.

Even if the NBA 2k franchise didn’t have any significant competition, it didn’t stop the game developers to showcase the best of what they got to the table for their fans. This clearly shows that the game developers are not in it just for the competition, but also for the love of the game to make a game that is as close to the game of basketball as possible.