The Girls that rocked the K-Pop World

Like the USA with their Hollywood movies and artists, Korea is also taking the world by storm with their awesome music which is widely known as K-Pop music, their Korean movies and heart-melting series. There is an all-girl band called BLACKPINK which was formed by YG Entertainment last August of 2016 and they have already been rocking the K-Pop scene with their catchy songs which some of it has been a chart topper for so many times already! No wonder girls and boys alike all over the world are dying to get to know them which you can see here at

Now, who are the members of this very popular band called BLACKPINK? Yeah yeah you obviously know that they are all girls and there are four members. They are all talented and pretty. You know, “pretty talented”? anyway, these girls have different backgrounds but it’s amazing how they have been gathered together to make music that can already be compared to other chart topping songs. they are Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa.


How it all started

YG Entertainment are the ones responsible for the widespread fame of 2NE1. And after seven years, they released a new group that definitely have pushed its way to the top and you guessed that right. that group is called Black Pink and they already have two songs that charted number one within the year that they were announced. These songs are called “Whistle” and “Boombayah” and the catchy tunes are what BLINK fans really came to love.

“As If It’s Your Last” and how the world embraced it

Just after their announcement that they would be having a debut in Japan, they released this song which has been described as a mix of reggae, reggae, and moombahton music which is very far from the previous songs that they have released. What’s so awesome about this is it charted number one again after just a day of its release. It garnered over 11 million views on Youtube and is the fastest music video to exceed 10 million views by a K-Pop band.

Effective Brand Endorsers

After their worldwide fame, they caught the interests of a lot of huge brands including Reebok, Lotte sparkling water, and so much more. They were ranked second place after EXO for brand reputation according to the Korea Institute of Corporation Institution last August 2016.

If you’re a true BLINK fan, then you probably know everything that was mentioned here. But if you’re one of those that’s just starting to love them, you will really appreciate these fast facts that will slowly introduce you to these amazing girls!