Why meditation? Does it really help?

“Meditation is like multi vitamins for your brain. Good to take it every day.”

With the demands of the hectic life, many of us over worked and over stressed. One really doesn’t get enough or any time for themselves. This leads to unhappy and frustrated life. And it affects the health. One would say “why do we meditate” or “what is the use of meditation.”  Meditation acts as a wonder drug and gives more time to the mind to focus and get calm. A simple 10-15 minutes of breathing meditation does a great deal to the tired body.  It helps to overcome stress and feel more balanced.

Mediatation for beginners is easy

Meditation helps us to understand our mind. It has a transformational effect on the body by changing negativity to positivity. May it be thoughts, health and moods or emotions.  Mediatation for beginners is easy. Before starting the meditation relax the body.  One can sit in a Aasan or a chair too. Once at ease take 4-5 deep breaths. Breathing in from the nose and breathing out of the mouth. Concentrate on the breaths. The main aim is that the exhalation should be longer than inhalation. Breathing should be soft and soundless.

Meditation and our brain

Our brain is deeply wired to avoid pain and seek pleasure. One should generate some stable feelings of safety and contentment before meditation. If one believes in god, then a short prayer can be done to relax the mind and the brain. Take a few minutes to focus on your intention. It is called intention of presence. To affirm to oneself that one will meditate for a specific period of time. During the meditation don’t think anything negative. Don’t force yourself and let be patient and focused. There will be times when concentrating in meditative object is difficult. But one should not give up but be patient. After regular meditation sessions, the concentration increases.

It is recommended to keep a journal to record your experiences during meditation. This will encourage solidifying your meditation practice. After meditation take to get up, do not be in a hurry to get up.

These tips are valuable lessons for meditation for beginners. If one follows it every day, then he or she will be able to experience peace of mind extensively.