The Dangers Of Xanax and Alcohol And Why You Must Be Aware

Anxiety disorder is one mental illness that’s steadily increasing every year. More people are being diagnosed with this specific condition along with other conditions such as depression. This particular disorder can easily usurp the life out of any patient and individual. Fortunately, different therapies have been created to counter the effects of anxiety and to give new hope and direction for patients. Apart from that, drugs that help manage the brain activity like Xanax.

Anxiety disorder

Since these things are made to be effective, these are the type of drugs which are very potent as well. Misuse and any type of abuse is something that mustn’t be permitted especially since it can cause addiction, as well as other negative effects that will be detrimental to both physical and mental health. One clear example of this is the increasing number of people becoming dependent on Xanax. Making it an excuse for treating anxiety disorder isn’t healthy and recommended.

There are even others who are mixing it with alcohol intake. This should not be done at all since it carries high-risks. The dangers of mixing Xanax and alcohol are too great.

Over-sedation. Xanax is considered a depressant. When anxiety hits, the brain becomes too stimulated. And because of that, Xanax is considered to be very effective. With its potency, too high of a dosage can bring out all the negative effects. Alcohol has the same effect. It’s not as potent as the drug being used. But when both substances are mixed together, the effects are even greater. When combined, it can easily cause blackouts. The worst part is, patients won’t even remember what happened. It affects common mental processes.

Probability of respiratory depression. This is a possibility when there’s constant blackout happening. Oversedation has the ability to shut down specific organs and prevent it from functioning. For instance, this can highly affect the lungs. And when there isn’t oxygen traveling to the cells and key organs, it’s going to be the cause of severe damage.

Lethal drug-withdrawal effects. According to experts, choosing to suddenly stop will cause withdrawal issues. When a patient has been dependent on a specific drug for a long period of time, the organs can’t keep up. And when that happens, the effects can be severe. More so if you’re used to mixing alcohol and Xanax.

When you’re more informed about the dangers and the risks that are present, then it’s not difficult to become more mindful of what’s happening. It’s also something that can be essential for prevention. Since you know the effects of mixing both substances, you’ll be able to restrict yourself or anyone you know about the whole thing.