Enter the World of Real Online Games- Online Games That Rule the Internet

Among the very popular hobbies of this generation one that comes top in the list is playing online games. This is true for millions of people around the globe. This is mostly used for passing time. Advancement in technology and innovation has helped online games to be the top sector. People use their extra available time to play online games on either tablet, pc, or on their smart phones.

Reports show that among the whole online population, over 44% are play games. That means online games takes huge part when we consider people’s activity online. Unblocked room is one such thing where people can visit for online games. Along with this there are no gender or age boundaries for these online games. It has crosses all these.

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Online games that rule the Internet:

  • There are plenty of online games available today. Among these some really rule the Internet. One among them is League of Legends. This is a online fight field game and a multiplayer game. This comes among most popular video games of all time which are played online. A report says that there are over 27 million daily players for this online game. Moreover almost 21% of the video players like to play this game.
  • There is one more online game called WoW or world of warcraft. This is a role playing game and it is multiplayer as well. This game holds Guinness world record as well. This is because it is among most subscribed role- playing multiplayer online game. There are over 10 million subscribers for this online game. This game is also considered as highest grossing among the video games of all time.
  • Next is Dota2. This online game is also quite popular today. This is a fight field computer game which is played online and this is a multiplayer game. This comes in third position in the list of most popular online games. It has over 800000 simultaneous players every day.
  • The next one on the list is Counter –Strike Global offensive. This is a shooter game which is first person. This is also very popular and one among most played online games of all time. In the year 2012 this game had become really popular since 12 million copies were sold and it has been reported as best selling online game of that time.
  • Other being Overwatch. This online game became popular since it has more than 20 million registered players. In the same year it is released it has managed to become a huge game. This is a first person shooter game. But good thing is it comes with creative and unique character. One more thing is it has an artistic aesthetic compared to other shooter games available online.
  • Minecraft is another online game which is sandbox independent. This game comes with varieties of versions which are suitable for available operating systems. This is one among the very popular games around the globe. It is also available on social sites like youtube and facebook. This is the reason it has gained high popularity.

There is myriad number of games available online and one must be smart enough to choose among them.  Online games are ruling the Internet in this generation.