Amazing Themes for Your Condo Space

If you’ve recently bought a condo or if you’re thinking about buying a new condo, you might be wondering about how to decorate your new living space. There are n number of themes for a condo space and you probably wouldn’t even have to spend a lot since condos are usually small and cozy. You need a theme that will go with your personality and according to who the other people living in the condo are. For example, if you’re living with your partner, you can choose a theme that will suit a couple. If you’re living with your kids in a two or three bedroom condo you may want to choose different themes for the rooms of your kids. On the other hand, if you’re living with your friends you can think about something artistic or funky depending on your tastes and personality.

buying a new condo

Here are a few themes that you can select from if you want to decorate your condo space:


One of the best themes for any living space is a retro theme. You can get old posters of things that were cool back in the 60s and get a few retro items for your shelves. Choose the color of your walls and curtains that will go well with this theme to make the look perfect.


When you enter the home of an artist, you will know it. If you’re someone who is interested in any kind of art, you can go for this theme to decorate your condo. Paintings and artifacts are a necessity if you want to make this theme look good. Go for a classic white or cream color for your walls and curtains but fill the place with artistic elements.


If you’re a funky person, you may want to use more than one color in the background of your theme. Some goofy posters and groovy lights can add up to the ambiance of your place. Make sure you have some good music in your sound system that will suit the look of the condo.

Girls only

If the condo is for a group of girls, you may want to give it a feminine look by adding stylish posters of women that you admire. Choose a color that’s bright and lively for your condo. You can hang picture frames of you and your friends on the walls and decorate the place with flowers.

Nature lover

Green is one of the best colors to decorate your place because it is really light on your eyes. Green color adds a lot of positivity to your place and your mind. Make sure you choose a good condo like Twin View if you’re living in Singapore so that your theme goes well with the outside environment of your condo. Grow a few plants and bonsai trees inside your condo that will make your nature theme look great.