The Water Sports Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

In this generation, stand up paddle boarding is one of the famous and fastest growing water sports all over the world. It is the combination of surfing and kayaking, a sport where a person can stand on a surfboard while using the paddle to drive himself. SUP boards are wider, longer and more resilient compared to any other traditional surfboards, which allow you to adequately balance on it.

There is nothing goes beyond with their own material most likely with many other sports. This is because of the fact that it is engage to comply all the necessary requirements at all cost. That is one of the reasons that you should collaborate with some SUP board kaufen manufacturers who produce the highest quality, utmost endurance and the updated with high technology design methods with a glowing appearance.

There are specific and tested brands we can recommend to you like Bugz, Red Paddle, Mistral, JP, Starboard, Fanatic and Naish. Because of the various differences of boards, paddles and accessories, choosing the best and appropriate tools is not easy at all. And because of that, we are more willing and happy to provide you for more information and guidelines for finding the exact and the perfect board for you from the broadest range of SUP boards anywhere.

Sup board kaufen

There are 3 Common Types of SUP Boards, as follows:

Surfing Boards

It is a kind of a SUP board which is usually shorter, have a narrow tail and nose, it has more curves than all round and Flatwater or race boards. If you want to spend your time in surfing on the big waves, then surf paddle board is perfect for your choice. It is much more flexible on the waves because of its narrow board shape. However, this kind of board is slower and don’t follow in a straight line on Flatwater because they are much less balanced compared to other SUP Boards.

All Round Boards

These boards are usually wider, thicker and longer than any surfing board models. These adjustable, multi- purpose and flexible boards are perfect for first timers because it will let you discover and learn all the visible features of any sports with this only one board. It is broad enough to let you stay stable, it has appropriate drift, tracking and glide for paddling on Flatwater or touring around the open ocean and at the same time it also has enough side cut and rocker for a prudent surfing activity. In some all around boards, a windsurf is another available option. It is equipped with a mast foot fitting on its board’s deck so that the windsurf sailing tool can be seated which makes this specific board unusually adjustable.

Flatwater Boards

These boards are specially optimized for Flatwater, downwinders and Open sea paddling even if there is wind behind. They are usually longer than all round boards and usually has a pointed nose design to help the board easily break flatly, it also helps the board to go straight and increases the glide. Its physical restriction makes the race boards more challenging, especially for beginners and not exactly recommended.