Understanding Web Design Trends With Gradients

When web 2.0 hit the online realm, gradient designs started to become all the rage regarding wordpress web design. The rise of modern gradients paved the way to straightforward means of creating buttons, typography, and backgrounds in just a few easy steps.

Let’s look at this trend in modern web design to see how it advances as we hypothesize where it might be in the future.

Background Headers With Gradients

Perhaps the most common use of the gradient is when web designers place it as the background header. One of the reasons for its popularity is because it’s very easy to create. You can build it purely in CSS, and many web platforms have default gradients in which users can just click and select. However, you need to have some knowledge and experience in dealing with color combinations. Make sure that whatever gradient you choose, the colors will match the overall look of the website. More often than not, headers are the ideal place to add gradients since it adds a distinct yet still simple look to the site’s overall design.

Dynamic Gradient Backgrounds

Have you ever tried visiting a website with a simple background header but the colors change as you continue to scroll down? These are gradient backgrounds with dynamic effects. Some sites that work as a single landing page will have such an effect, and it’s an ideal choice if you don’t want to put a lot of convoluted elements in the site’s background. Dynamic gradient effects also catch the attention of users more than static gradient colors. Your site can also be easily differentiated from the rest of the web by using this seemingly simple design tactic.

Gradients in Logos and Text Effects

Placing gradient effects in logos and typography is one of the newer trends you can see online. Web designers add custom gradients to different sections of their site, which, of course, includes icons, typography, logos, and other elements. However, note that you can easily go overboard by using this. Make sure that there’s still a layer of consistency when placing gradients in site elements. You don’t want to make the website too vibrant unless you’re creating a page that lets users be reminded of the 1980’s.

There are different ways on how you can achieve different gradient effects on your website. You can find different CSS tools across the World Wide Web. However, if you want assistance in getting gradients or with any other web design challenge, you can go ahead and visit web designer swansea.