A beginner needs to know the science and engineering that makes a good pair of head phones. This is the guide to beginners to find a good pair of head phones. Even, if they are cheap or expensive headphones, the only criterion user expects a good sound in all times consistently. But before buying there is lot more to check in them. The science of choosing a good pair is not only brand, looks and by tuning sound in many ways to enjoy audio experience. Now a day’s workout with music is a trend and head phones is more than just listening music but much more. All information about Headphones is available at www.ironhorsetrading.net

  1. Ear Buds vs. Head Phones

There are different types of head phones in all positions like inside ears, on the ears, over the ears. Let’s see how each one of them works.

Ear Buds: These are most suitable for the users short of space. They are most portable and small in size very much used in travelling. The small size, light weight makes them most comfortable even in work out with music.

Head Phones over-ear: These are also called DJ-style head phones. It has better sound quality and gives a detailed signature of sound. These head phones most comfortable and will not create any discomfort to the ear-drum. The disturbance in the outside world is never heard as the headphones envelopes over the ear. Only disadvantage is its less portability

Head phones on-ear: The casing helps these head phones to be comfortably as a head band and its ear cups secure the ears. They are more comfortable for a short periods rather than longer time. Though they are not portable, but they can be folded back when not in use.

Phaiser BHS-730

  1. Budget

The expensive head phones are made with high quality materials. The budget is very important. Each dollar spent on the head phone increases durability which is important more than sound quality. Any trusted brand made well head phones can be used over years.

  1. Frequency Range

The human ear can hear frequency in range 20-20000Hz. A pair of head phones should achieve full range of frequencies. Some of the head phones extend the frequencies, which are only felt but not heard. The indication should be checked on the box, how are they handled.

  1. Noise-Cancellation is costly affair

Frequent travellers look for Noise cancellation feature in the head phones. These head phones use noise cancellation technology, which will drown some sounds like aeroplane, machinery or air condition sound and give a pleasant experience to the listener. This technology uses extra power to the batteries and extra budget to buy them.

  1. Impedance of the headphones

It is the amount of power needed to work by a pair of head phones. If it is less, it can be used for weaker amplification devices like mobiles, media players etc… High impedance head phones are required to the amplifiers. These days smart phones are designed for both high impedance and even low. It is very important to choose the pair of head phones based on the source of music.

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