So you hired a professional service provider to get your app done, you got it ready and everything is good. All you need now is to put your app live in the Play Store. But your app is freshly thrown in the market and it probably would take you months or even years to gather enough organic installs so your app rise to the top downloads.

You’re not gonna wait that long or try free ways to promote your app that usually don’t get satisfying results. That’s why you need to seek some Get android installs services that get you genuine installs for your newly born app and deliver tons of downloads in a short period of time to save you time and efforts made for promoting.

There are tons of services, good that cost a high rate for a single download and bad ones with bots and automatic software installs delivery. You don’t need any of those, you don’t want to spend lots for your app campaign especially if you’re a new comer to the market with a limited budget and nor getting fake and bots downloads that would harm your reputation in Play Store.

Rank App, is a leading Android Installs Provider that comes with great benefits for your campaign at competitive prices. With genuine and real downloads that comes from real mobile devices and from real people all over the world.

Reasons to purchase installs from

  • Guaranteed Downloads : A 100% refund policy. Get the amount of installs purchased or get your money back.
  • Real Human Downloaders : All of installs come from genuine users all over the world.
  • Real Mobil Devices : Absolutely no bots or automatic softwares installs. Only genuine and real downloads from real mobile devices.
  • Competitive Prices : Installs delivery at a very affordable price that you won’t find anywhere else unless with fake downloads delivers.
  • Bonus For Every Purchase : With each order comes free downloads as a bonus. And since installs come from real people then you might get free rating or even reviews.
  • Great Support Service : You can contact their support center via Skype and Email to help you pick the right package for you and plus advices on how to properly rank your app.

There are three main installs packages at Rank App with quick delivery and reasonable rate per download to boost your app ranking in the Play Store.

○ Starter Package: 10 dollars for 200 downloads. ○ Basic Package: 25 dollars for 500 downloads.

○ Master Package: 40 dollars for 1000 downloads. Getting your app genuine direct installs isn’t enough. Cause you’re not alone there, but with thousands of other experienced competitors, and because your app is newly added in the store it will drop. Cause most of your competitors has set their apps with relevant keywords; the most important side that your app still lacks, but not any more cause Rank App has Keyword Install Packages. This service will help your app to rise in the Play Market, which means more users will see your app and organically download it.

○ Amateur Package: 250 installs for 30 dollars. ○ Developer Package: 500 installs for 60 dollars. ○ Top Package: 1000 installs for 100 dollars.○ Legend Package: 5000 installs for 400 dollars.

No one can deny that surviving in the internet jungle you need traffic. Especially organic traffic, this is the most important side that will keep your campaign safe and make it successfully. And that’s what Rank App is all about, get your app enough traffic and set it up to rise in the market and push it fourth to get it to receive thousands of organic downloads.

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