Catering to different platforms

In today’s generation of technology, having a website just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore like it used to. People are looking for more and more ways to make things more accessible. Sure   mobile phones can access your website through the use or a web browser but running on a web browser can seem to be a bit slow. Of course that depends on the make and model of your smart phone.

With that in mind, why not consider turning to mobile application development and make your website more accessible to consumers, specifically your target consumers. Make them have access to your products and services with the press of a button.

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Mobile friendliness

Relying on just your website won’t really do you further good, especially when your website isn’t mobile friendly. Sites like these need to be zoomed in to click very tiny buttons, it really doesn’t help when you have fat fingers. Making an app for your website can and will solve this problem. Also, it makes it much lighter to run on the phone.

Different apps for different platforms

One of the problems you might encounter if you want to create an app is that different        platforms such as iOS, android and windows need to have separate apps developed for them since the require different coding for it to run on that specific platform, yes it can be a pain to your developers but it is what it is. You don’t want your app to be limited to just android users and leave iOS users feeling neglected now, do you?

Crossing platforms, bridging gaps

If you want to create a generic app that’s available for all devices regardless if it is iOS, android, windows or any other, you can do that by integrating cross platform development. This solution has typically lower initial costs compared to when you want to develop the app specifically to cater to a certain operating system and create another one for a different operating system. Your app may look a bit generic but hey, you get to offer it to a wide variety of users with different operating systems all at once, and it’s a lot cheaper too.

Benefits of the mobile app to your business

Other benefits that having a mobile app for your business is that you can inform the users of the app if you have new products or promos relatively easily. This you can be sure of that your loyal customers can see compared to let’s say you posting an update on the website. You also stand out from the competition since you have an app and they don’t. You can also reach out to younger generations since they are considered more tech savvy compared to the older ones. The best part is, app users can sync their accounts using their emails, social media accounts or the account they have previously registered in your website.

Creating a mobile application not only gives you access to a wider range of customers but also gives you the ability to get in touch with your customers on a more advanced and easier level. It also makes you look cool and gives you an advantage over competition that doesn’t have the app.

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