Noise pollution is the intrusive and disturbingly loud noise we are surrounded with throughout the day. This noise has harmful effects on the health of humans and animals. The major sources of noise pollution are vehicles, machines, loud audio systems, construction and building activities and transport systems like trains and flights. As it is not possible to stop this noise at source, the only option to escape the harmful effects is noise control. The companies like isolationtech offer a wide range of sound proofing materials that can be used in different residential and commercial settings and improve the quality of life.

vibration and noise isolators

Effects of noise pollution

  • Excessive exposure to loud noises can lead to noise induced hearing loss.
  • Noise pollution increases the blood pressure in humans and gives rise to many cardio vascular diseases.
  • Loud noises can alter the psychological and physiological behaviour of the human body.
  • Loud noises from vehicles, fire crackers and construction activity can disturb the sleep patterns and lead to disorders like insomnia.
  • Loud noise also increases the stress levels, decreases concentration and learning capability.
  • Some studies also attribute birth defects and decreased immunity levels because of noise pollution.
  • Noisy surroundings lead to extinction of wild life by decreasing the habitable area and disturbing the balance in the predator prey detection cycles and also disturb the communication for reproduction and navigation.

Measures to control noise pollution

  • Noise from vehicular traffic on roads can be reduced by using noise barriers, prohibition of honking, better traffic management, and better design of engines in vehicles to produce less noise.
  • Industrial noise can be reduced by using the machinery fitted with vibration and noise isolators and noise control mounts and pads designed by companies like isolationtech. These equipments absorb the force and shock generated by these machines, thereby reducing the vibration and noise.
  • Noise from aircrafts can be reduced by using quieter jet engines and proper management of run ways.
  • Sound proofing materials like wall panels, ceiling tiles, noise control curtains and awnings can be used indoors to absorb the unwanted noise and reduce noise pollution in offices, residences, schools, hospitals and other such settings.

Noise pollution is of great concern in today’s times and has many negative effects on humans and animals. Continuous exposure to loud noises changes the physiological and psychological behaviour of humans and leads to serious health conditions. It also effects the behaviour of animals and leads to extinction of some species. Although we can control some noises, environmental noises cannot be controlled at source. In such circumstances we can use the noise and vibration control tools and equipments to reduce the level of noise in a particular area and improve the living conditions of that area.

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