Do you want app popularity?

With millions of apps out there, it is hard to separate yourself from the pack. Now there is an easy way to make sure your app and its excellence are recognized. Buy installs. That’s correct, now you can use and have real people download and install your app. All you need to do is select the number of buys you’d like, and when you pay, real people will download your app.


There are so many install purchase programs out there, so why

Not only will guarantee you the number of installs that you purchase, but this will open you up to the potential of receiving reviews and rankings from the real users. Your app will be seen globally as makes sure to find users from all around the world. Let’s stress that again. These are real downloads from real users. No bots will be used, and again, this will open you up to receiving hundreds of ratings and reviews. offers competitive prices to help ensure you are receiving the best value and the best quality around for the best prices. They also offer support to help you choose which package is best for you.

Where will these installs be good?

A challenge that many mobile developers face are gaining popularity in the Android Play Store. Many apps are released in the Apple iTunes store sometimes weeks or months before migrating over to Android Play. works solely in the Android Play Store market to help boost your apps popularity and recognition for Android users. Because Google is constantly updating their apps and platforms, it sometimes takes 48-72 hours for the installs and rankings to show, but they are guaranteed to show up in the time that you paid for, even though you may not be able to see them right away.

Who will really be helping me? is made up of a team of professional developers and app marketers who want to help you receive the recognition you deserve. They work only with real users and never with bots to boost your apps popularity. Sometimes the larger app reselling companies work with, and by going directly to, you can boost your popularity and revenue while saving money by going directly to the source.

What are my options?

There are two different types of options: Regular Install Pack, or the Keyword Install Pack. The regular install pack is an affordable way to keep ahead of the play market by getting new users. There are guaranteed installs from real users on real devices with a specified delivery time. This service can get you 5000 installs within 7 days! For an even bigger boost, try the Keyword Install packages. These packages will give you a boost in the Play Market and promise boosts with 6 hour retention times! Here again, you’ll have real users on real devices installing your app in real time. The most elite of these packages promises 6 hour retention time with 5000 installs within 10 days.

What now?

Why wait around and hope that your app gets the attention it deserves when you can guarantee it with! Pay for real users to love your app in real time!


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