Knowing what the best lenses for Nikon full frame cameras are

So… what are the best lenses for nikon full frame camera the answer really is subjective and vague because it doesn’t really matter what type of camera you have, but what you want to shoot your camera to that can help you determine what the best lenses are for you. Ask any photographer and you can get different answers depending on a lot of factors and not just their forte.

If you ask people what is the best lense for tem and even experts they will give you various types of lenses, various brands, various types and various sizes. In the end the decision to get the best lense for you is not just about buying the most priciest lenses that you can find but what you want to shoot your camera to. Your forte.

The common ones: So here are some common examples that you need to consider on getting the best lense for you and this is not price and brand specific and please note that these are even the safer answers out there because if we dive on to specifics, might as well just write a book instead::

  • For night photography and portraits photographers usually go for lenses with lower f stops like 1.1 – 1.8 – 2.2.
  • For landscapes photographers go for wide angle lenses
  • For people shooting animals and sports they go for a telephoto lenses
  • For infrastructures photographers go for fisheye lenses
  • For macro photographers well… macro lenses.

The discussion: can go on and on what is the best one and at the end f the day it can be a matter of preference. Like a macro lense for example, it actually also ok for portraits f you know how to pull it off it’s pretty much doable. Although lenses can help you, it’s most of the time up to the photographer’s skill and creativity to bring out the best on any photographs. Some photographers are textbooks and some are unorthodox. The process might be different but the end result remains the same. Have a good picture.

Piece of advice: stick to what you know and follow just one photographer to learn from (based on what you want to shoot ofcourse) and do more practice. The thing about photography really and the unique thing about it is that it’s more on self discovery. The more you shoot the more you realize (including your preferences).

So what is the best lense for your full frame Nikon? Any lens will do really, but it’s a matter of preference on what you want to get depending on your chosen expertise and your elements.


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