Phaiser is a new manufacturer in the market of headphones. Yet, the technology, the simplicity and the comfort of these headphones makes it among the top preferred headphones of many people. It sure will be, because of the quality that one gets for the price they pay. And Phaiser BHS-730 is one such model of the many Phaiser headphones. It is the most popular one among the rest of Phaiser headphones. Let’s check the reasons for its popularity in this article.

Features of BHS-730

  1. Quality and design: The simple headphones look stylish as they can be worn comfortably around your neck. The earphones stay away on your neck and can be used anytime you need them.They weigh only 18gms which means you can wear them for long hours.

Phaiser Headphones

Phaiser headphones from Iron horse trading comes with 3 pairs of ear buds and 2 set of winged ear phones to adjust according to your requirement and they give you comfortable fit and sit in the ear securely. The ear buds are made from Aviation Grade Aluminum-Magnesium-Alloy that are very light. It also comes with a battery charger, a carry case made from hard foam for the headphones and 2 clips that can be used to pin them with your clothes if needed by.

  1. Sound: These come with 8mm speakers that combine with Bluetooth 4.1 technology to give you clear and natural sound with powerful bass. They make a great piece for music lovers with the HD stereo sound. The foam of ear buds allows noise isolation, which means you can indulge in the music or even while on a call.
  2. Bluetooth and microphone: While Bluetooth is used to connect the headphones to the gadget, the ceramic antenna adds more to the wireless feature giving you more freedom to enjoy the wireless technology in a true way. This piece uses quality hardware and transducers and A2DP stereo transfer protocol that ensure smooth transfer of sound from Bluetooth to headphones.

The built in HD microphone is good for making calls as well. The headset even reads the phone numbers while the audio or the music will be silenced. The audio will restart as you hang up. A sure comfort!

  1. Sweat proof technology: It comes with a technology called Liquipel that protects the headphones against water in case of it falls into the water. This also means that it absorbs all the sweat while you work out.
  2. Battery: A technology called LifeState is used that interfaces with any type of android or apple iOS to update you with the battery status. Even the Bluetooth 4.1 technology really increases the battery life ensuring that you can use it, while you travel as well.

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