A power tool, air compressor, that moves and creates pressurized air. The air under pressure produces a great force that will be used to power many kinds of different tools. Getting a clean, reliable dry air is not a problem with ingersoll rand refrigerated air dryer. It is one of the cleanest and trusted clean air dryers today. The unit provides a small footprint with affordable, complete solutions for applications that range from the following:

  • Dry clean automotive body shops
  • Manufacturing applications
  • Light processing

The typical air dryers designed to protect the machines, tools, auto parts, and some other equipment in a shop from harmful moisture. The device does so while saving time, money and energy. This specially designed machines developed efficiency and it requires less maintenance. The fantastic device is designed to give reliable service with no additional hassle.

typical air dryers

The key features of the refrigerated air dryer

Just like the other kinds of air dryers, this has key features. The air dryer has designated features according to its model. These features have great benefits for the user. It doesn’t only help lessen the heavy work, yet it has another side of benefits:

  • It reduces energy use. It is an efficient heat exchanger. The built-in stainless steel demister removes all the moisture. The fully adjustable programmable electronic drain valve will lessen energy use and minimizing the air loss.
  • It has built-in reliability. It is a corrosion-resistant heat exchanger. The high-efficiency moisture separation and enhanced control-system make sure a steady supply of dry air in a long-term.
  • Smart control. It is very easy to use. The advanced microprocessor controls let an easy to adjust and manage system parameters.
  • Equipment protection. The built-in coalescing filter will stop the contamination by separating oil and water from the compressed air.
  • Consistent clean dry air. The variable-speed fans will reduce the power consumption. This happens when the units operate less than the maximum cooling capacity. At the same time, it ensures a consistent dew point.
  • It controls panel features. It has an energy saving mode, fan indication speed, alarm display, remote alarm contract, and service intervals.
  • The machine has varying speed fans working to lessen power consumption. This functions when the cooling capacity is less while it keeps a consistent low dew point.
  • Programmable drain valve. This is completely adjustable and it helps minimize the air loss.
  • Dryer. The dryer uses an environmentally friendly refrigerant.

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