It is not easy to perform the process of flashing custom ROM in your smart phone. You need to have some technical information and a lot of efforts. One small mistake may ruin the whole process, but this is not the only loss. Your phone may become a piece of brick within seconds that is why it is imperative to be careful before flashing your android mobile phone. In this article, you will come to know about the easiest process to flash custom ROM with the help of your laptop. You do not need to mess with the software of your mobile device. It is recommended to take a complete backup before switching on the developer mode. You may be aware that when you will use sp flash tool, all the information will vanish. In that case, old data is in your hand, which is necessary to bring peace of mind in case the flashing process is not a success.

Flash Stock ROM

When I was willing to perform the same task, I tried several methods of flash ROM on my android phone. I purchased an android phone for the sole purpose of experimenting and understanding the intricacies of flashing. Actually, I was not in mood to take chances so I purchased another for android debugging and developing process.


  • It is imperative to download the latest version of sp flash tool.
  • Make sure that media tech USB drivers are installed on your laptop.


In order to root, you can download the titanium app for backup. This app allows you to take a backup of your data and sync to Dropbox.


If your smart phone is not rooted, then reboot your phone and enter the recovery mode. In some devices, you can do it by pressing the power and volume button at the same time. Check, for the backup option and name it, then let it run.

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