Web hosting is defined as a service that allows individuals or organisations to post websites on to the internet. The process involves a service provider who makes available the technologies and services required to view the website on the internet. Here is a knowhow about the web hosting types.

  1. Free Web Hosting: There are various platforms available on the internet that allows you to host a site at no added cost. This is called a free web hosting service. But technically this is not a free service as you would be creating a sub domain of the main domain.
  2. Shared Hosting: This is one of the cheapest forms of hosting available to get your own domain. With this you share the server space with other websites on the network. This type of service is ideally suited for small businesses that do not expect much traffic and also have a constrained resource to own a server.
  3. Virtual Private Server Hosting: This is the next best alternative to the traditional shared web hosting techniques. Similar to shared hosting you still share the same physical server but the number of users is less.
  4. Dedicated Server Hosting: The system allows you to have your own dedicated server for the purpose of hosting your website.
  5. Colocation Hosting: This is similar to having a dedicated server with the only difference being you own the hardware. This allows you to upgrade the hardware on your own without restrictions. Since you own the hardware this is an expensive form of hosting. This is an option for those who do not want to get into the hassles of dealing with the regular web host.

Choosing a hosting plan could be a tedious task but always choose one that suits your needs else you will end up paying a lot more.


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