Graphic designing is the way for solving problems by using visual compositions and connect ideas through formatting, images, colouring, and other elements. The graphics designers are worked to create the identity for the product or marketing for the products. The marketing of the business, products are done in several ways like creating the banners for advertisement purposes with the help of graphics. Several companies are there who worked for the making of banners for different purposes. this is also a shop for making banners for any business or product promotion. They give the best services to their clients. There are different types of graphics designing are used dissimilar fields for promotion:

  1. Visual identity: This graphics designing is used for creating a unique identity for each business or product that helps in making the relation between those and their audience. It is used for making brand identity by using images, shapes and colours.
  2. Marketing and advertisement graphics: Today, graphics becomes one of the most important tools for marketing and advertisement of the product. Marketing of the products done through ads in newspapers and magazines, posters, banners, brochures, etc.
  3. User interface: This graphic design help the user to communicate with the screen, keyboard, and mouse in the perspective of graphic design. Web page designing, theme designing, app designing come under user interface.
  4. Packaging: Almost every product needed a few types of packaging to save and make them for storing, distributing, and selling of that. Stickers printing are used in packaging.

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