Las Vegas can possibly offer you anything you can think of. Yes, even snow. If you’ve ever thought of doing something completely silly then chances are you can do it in the City of Lights. We feature four ideas to add your take a break travel las vegas Nevada itinerary.

Don’t discount these ideas for sounding too crazy. Instead, consider these as opportunities to have an authentic Vegas vacation. It’s the experience of a lifetime you’ve always wanted to have.

Go on an International Buffet Binge

If you have a craving, then Las Vegas has whatever you have in mind. Best of all, you can have it 24 hours a day. The city boasts of a spectrum of cuisines from Asian to European and of course, American. What’s more exciting, is the food is cooked fresh for a doubly satisfying treat.

Take a break travel las vegas nevada

Ride a Limo

Only in Vegas can you get to ride a limo for just a little over the cost of a cab ride. Alternatively, you can choose the luxury car you’ve dreamed of and still get a good deal. It’s also simple to do. Rather than line up for a taxi, try walking over the hotel doorman. He can hook you up with a fancy ride in no time. It’s the only way to travel while you take a break travel las Vegas Nevada.

Experience Hangover Firsthand

For the men, skip the club and head to the hotel instead. While the ladies often get the best table at clubs, men can get the pampering they desire at most hotels in the city. This knowledge comes in handy if you’re traveling with the boys for a bachelor’s celebration ala Hangover. Remember to check with the hotel for any package deals they can offer when you book accommodations. Chances are they have it and you might even get a luxury suite inclusive of a massage, shave, and lunch.

Get Married Overnight

Undeniably, it’s one of the most exceptional experiences you can have in Las Vegas. Then again, it could also be the more unfortunate episodes you can have depending on who you marry. Nonetheless, you’ll have your choice of the chapel. Plus, you can even get the King to officiate your wedding.

Keep these travel tips in mind the next time you plan a trip to the City of Lights. Chances are you’ll have a one-of-kind experience you’ve always dreamt of. Don’t worry, as they say ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.’ So, you don’t need to tell anyone unless you want to.

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