Have you ever checked a travel blog and turned green in envy thinking about the wonderful life of travel blogger, visiting all those beautiful places and staying in luxurious hotels and above all getting paid to do it! Being a travel blogger is not all what you see in the pictures and blogs there is so much hard work that goes behind the screens that makes it one of the hard working and exhausting jobs. But nothing is tough when you enjoy doing it.

There are travel bloggers and then there are professional travel bloggers. When you open a blog to share to travel experience with friends and family you can just keep enjoying your travels and post them when you find leisure but being a professional travel blogger is a whole different story with many phases let’s start with setting up your own blog.

Remember that they are many travel bloggers out there, things that can make you stand out are originality and honesty. Check out the other blogs but never think that is want you meant to do in fact think how to avoid doing things that way. You may see blogger earning more than you can ever dream of, you have to realise that they had paid their dues to enjoy the benefits. Don’t think travel blogging as a job rather think it as your business, as your enterprise. Travel blogging is as much as about patience as it is about passion. Before you start relaxing with a cocktail under the sun you need to spend ten hours a day in front of your laptop building your audience and making exciting travel schedules. You need to work hard to get noticed by brands that can sponsor your travels and once you start seeing returns to have to go beyond expectations to keep them flowing.

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