California can surprise you with its varied and diverse locations such as Anaheim, Lake Tahoe, Long Beach, San Diego and more. Though any time of the year you can visit the state and plan a trip that includes all these places or you can plan short trips to one place at a time, but there is one thing for sure, you will love your time here. Adventure, history and great shopping in most of the cities make Arizona one of the best destinations to visit.

The best vacations at the best places in California – Take a look

Anaheim: It is one of best places to go for a vacation as there are many fun activities to opt for and great food choices. Head to Orange County and wear your colorful shorts and flip-flops. Any time of the year you can visit Anaheim but check weather updates in advance though. There are four airports, taxi services, rideshare and even limousines and shuttle services available to take you around. Best places to visit are the Disneyland Resort, Adventure City, Bowers Museum and many more.

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Lake Tahoe: There is the North Shore and the South Shore with you requiring at least an hour’s drive from one to another. The south side is best for entertainment while the north is for outdoor activities.

Long Beach: It is easy to visit other places from Long Beach due to its proximity to freeways but at the same time, it also is a delightful place with great attractions. Spring and Fall are the best times to visit while some places you should not miss are the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Queen Mary,  the East Village Arts District and more. Visit Belmont shore for shopping, Naples Gondola Ride for a memorable stroll, and hit the nightspots those who love music and dance.


San Diego: Experience the unique indoor skydiving or enjoy a picnic at Balboa Park. Go for ocean trips at San Diego, to experience oceans at their best. Enjoy cruises at Mission Beach while Coronado Island is the place to spend some dreamy moments. Get an idea about luxury at La Jolla or just enjoy hang gliding. Walk through the Tijuana River Valley or experience beach rides at the southern beach or take a horse ride. The Old Town is for those who are enchanted by history. It is the perfect place for all types of travellers.

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