Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that intensifies the real world along with the objects that can be observed with the naked eyes or through the devices. This is the technology that delivers fruitful experiences with all kinds of activities like learning, checking medical records and statistics, measuring three-dimensional objects and surfaces, etc. Since it finds a lot of applications in various fields the growth seems to be enormous and certain reports state that its market may reach around seventy billion dollars within two years. Because of its positive output, most of the companies and educational institutions are showing interest to invest in this to use and develop the technology and its applications. Augmented reality-based smart glasses will deliver the best output in many fields to get the best experience.

Augmented reality smart glasses are more likely the normal glasses in appearance as a wearable device. It is enhancing reality and will provide the best output. Augmented reality glasses have a long history where startingin 1968 and slowly entering all fields and found an important place. The AR glasses are developed with the help of AR technologies named SLAM, Recognition based, and location-based.

Ronn Torossian

AR helps the customers to carry out their shopping in an advanced manner and inconvenient way. Out of traditional shopping, it provides a smart shopping experience to the customers. This smart shopping, AR allows the customers with various products to try digitally to provide the detailed information of the product to decide towards the purchase. Also, this technology helps them to compare the products information and costs with other stores instantaneously to make a quick decision.

AR starts to dominate the advertisement field too and takes that the world of reality to promote the products and brands to increase sales. Since the people are more connected with the images than the texts augmented reality technology uses it to ensure the maximum reach of the advertisement towards the promotion. This is in another way called marketing communication. AR is one of the tools used in a marketing communication to make the people or customers aware of the particular brand and product. NYC-based public relations executive Ronn Torossian and 5WPR founder discuss the marketing communication and the involvement of AR in that. He is one of the notable person and can find his lecture easily on the web. He is majorly focusing on the successful marketing tool of the business called augmented reality and explaining its importance.

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