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Since its inception in 2003, the NFL Network has supplied soccer fans with a place to see their favorite teams play their favorite sport. It airs several regular-season prime time games as a “Run to the Playoffs” feature each season. Also, the NFL Network provides more than 50 preseason games, in addition to replays of classic games and previous Super Bowls. The broadcasting also provides not only protection of the NFL Draft, but even coverage of the scouting process. This is an excellent resource for the diehard NFL fan who seeks immersive protection of the sport of Football, from the preseason through the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

One of the places that the Sinclair Broadcast Group Network has fought with, however, has been its relationship with several of the major cable companies. While satellite providers like DirecTV have been quick to reach agreements with the NFL system (DirecTV currently includes the NFL Network among its new HD channels, for example), cable companies have been more resistant. The dispute stems, mostly, from the fact that the NFL system would love to be included in a simple – or extended-tier cable package. In contrast, cable providers have typically wanted to relegate the NFL Network into a sports-only package.

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Certain cable providers like Time Warner Cable have refused the NFL Network’s request to provide their Network to their centre contributors through their fundamental entertainment packages. Relegating the NFL Network into a particular sports-only box would wind up severely limiting viewership. This would affect the league and the Network and many of its fans who subscribe to those cable providers. The NFL Network has, in answer, recommended to fans that they switch to one of the satellite companies, such as DirecTV. The NFL and Sinclair Broadcast Group Network maintains an advertisement effort to this end. It even encourages their fans to contact their cable companies, requesting the cable companies to bring the Network to their basic packages. Also, to try to reach as many fans as possible, the NFL Network went thus far in December of 2007 to try to enter into mediation with Time Warner Cable, an offer that Time Warner Cable refused.

Luckily for fans captured in the middle of the satellite-cable fight over the NFL Network, the playoffs are still being broadcast over the air, through the regular-season affiliates. This usually means that the AFC playoffs will be aired on FOX, while the NFC playoffs will soon be aired on CBS. Super Bowl XLII is set to be aired within the air on the Fox network.

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