Paycom is a leader in the payroll and human resources technology. This company has successfully redefined the human capital management sector by allowing clients to navigate a rapidly changing business environment.

All users of the cloud-based software solution offered by the Paycom reap benefits from a core system of record properly maintained in a single database for the complete functions of human capital management. This system provides the functions required by the businesses for managing the overall employment lifecycle range from the recruitment to retirement. This system has the best stuff to serve businesses of any size and also industry.

The Paycom successfully serves clients in all states from offices across the nation. chad richison is the Founder and CEO of this company with an objective to enhancing every aspect of his company’s products and services as expected by clients.

A $10 million donation

chad richison

The business visionary Paycom has provided a $10 million donation to fund stadium enhancements in the University of Central Oklahoma. Richison totally invested $25 million so far in his alma mater in this school.    The stadium of this school is renamed in his honour. He studies in it nearly 3 decades ago. He never dreamed that one day the stadium would be called by everyone by his name and renamed in his honor.

The sports facility formally celebrated in this school revealed the best-in-class sports facility upgrades and plans for successfully expanding and improving the stadium with the complete support from millions of dollars donated by Richison.  Everyone in the nation with a desire to contribute a little to the welfare of their society gets encouraged to do it when they notice the gift from the Richison for the school.

Donations to the UCO

Many clients of the company Paycom founded and administrated by Chad Richison are amazed about the best-in-class products and services. They are willing to use the modern resources and technologies for developing their business in the competitive market. They get ever-increasing interests to donate to schools and sports related facilities in the nation. This is because they notice that a recent gift from the Richison to the UCO. Other UCO graduates and students in our time get interests to think big and use every option to achieve great things by contributing the maximum they can gift to the school.  Regular improvements in the UCO due to donations from business people and professionals in different sectors give an array of favourable things for all students now and in the future.

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