Perhaps it goes without saying that the roof is an integral part of the house. It protects the interior from rain and snow and also contributes to the energy efficiency of the home. But few homeowners think about a roof until something goes wrong and repairs are needed. The new roof is designed to provide decades of trouble-free operation; however, it would be prudent to consider preventive maintenance to ensure long-term material integrity.

It is also recommended that a professional like inspect the roof every few years. In such a survey, the inspector actually goes up to the roof to find potentially problem areas. This will expose the structure and material to a closer look and can help nip things in the bud.

For a roof that is otherwise solid but has accumulated dirt, moss or other debris, it may be advisable to clean it. The problem is not only in a more humid climate, but also in the predominance of trees and vegetation. Shade from hanging trees blocks sunlight, which helps suppress organic growth. Trees are the base for algae spores that land and spread across rooftops. Tree leaves collect in roof valleys and clog gutters, trapping moisture or preventing proper drainage. All these conditions lead to a reduction in the life of the roof. These things also degrade the appearance of the home and affect its value.

Gutter Guys

Cleaning can take different forms depending on the roofing material. Sometimes simply sweeping or spraying with a garden hose can remove the dirt build-up and fix the problem. If there is organic growth, a special cleaning solution can be applied to loosen the algae and prevent further growth. Some stubborn surfaces or dirt may require a mechanical wash. The latter approach is best done by an experienced professional, as high pressure water, if mishandled, can cause damage and lead to moisture intrusion.

It is also wise to think carefully about the cleaning agent used. Not only is it important to use an effective cleaning agent, but using the wrong type can stain the ceiling and leave unsightly streaks. This is also important with regard to environmental hazards. Although no solution on the market will be toxic to the environment, the surrounding plants and animals that may be exposed to the effluent must be considered. Many brands now offer natural and organic formulas that eliminate chemical additives. If this is a major concern, you can simply opt for manual cleaning without using any solutions.

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