Let’s now analyze what are the pros of renting an office.

It is no longer necessary to carry out your business from home but you can take advantage of a reserved and welcoming space where you can receive guests or potential customers

There is no need for a large outlay of money , as an advance payment of a couple of months or a deposit is required 620 N LaSalle Dr, Chicago IL, 60654.

There are no unexpected expenses , as you only pay the established monthly fee.

With the rental contract, the problems and costs related to the maintenance of the property are generally borne by the owner or in some cases require an outlay of 50%.

In the case of an office for rent furnished, no No one has to consider even the cost of the furniture : you only have to integrate it perhaps with furnishings to customize the office.

For example, some office centers include a gym, laundry services and restaurants, etc. However, this is not the case with every office center so, in addition to evaluating the contractual conditions, it is good to evaluate everything that surrounds the new corporate office.

Renting an office


What might be the cons of renting an office ?

You will be forced to establish a constant relationship with the owner of the property, for example for the payment of utilities or to negotiate any extraordinary interventions.

Despite the wide choice on the market, there are still difficulties in finding the office of desires.

To carry out any extraordinary intervention on the property, the owner ‘s authorization will be required .

If you make an investment to make improvements to the property, at the end of the contract, this investment will not be reimbursed , with the exception of the furnishings that you can take away.

The ownership of the property will always remain with the landlord , unless it is a rent with redemption (link to our page where we talk about rent with redemption).

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