Huge discounts and coupons are a superb way to improve the sales and attract new clients. One reason why shoppers are glad to receive coupon codes apart from purely bigger savings is that promo codes feature flexibility in terms of shopping choices. Who won’t be glad when presented with great deals and surprises, after all?

Throughout the recent years, several businesses have shown dramatic improvements in customer base loyalty, sales, and industry standing because they applied promo codes on their services and products. Coupon codes (promo codes or even discount codes) regardless of the label, are proven to entice old and new customers alike. That reason is enough to consider coupon codes as a viable promotion strategy.

Coupon codes

There are a number of ways to use coupons to have the competitive edge and get more customers packing to your website. Here are popular means to use them.

Percentage off

This won’t work immediately on the first or second purchases. But by cutting, for example, 25% discount on the next order, customers might be prompted to take the offer rather than missing it. As a result, they’ll keep coming back and use coupons. But remember to regularize the coupons in circulation to avoid abuse.

Free shipping

A coupon that has a “free shipping” on it is considered as one of the powerful incentives for buyers. Why?

  • A lot of shoppers spend more money on shipping than the actual price of an item.
  • Studies have found out that a free shipping incentive is one of the best incentives they’ll ever receive from the vendors.

Considering these two factors, applying a “free shipping” coupon on your buyers might encourage them to order more items. When they’re satisfied with the service, you’ll find your site flooding with good comments and referrals.

Exclusive Discounts

Another reason why patrons keep coming back is that when they feel appreciated. Sending exclusive discounts on the emails of your particular fans not only pleased them but make them feel special. As an online vendor competing in the e-commerce industry, learn to take advantage of every possible tactic that would give you the competitive edge.


When you’re launching a new item and aren’t sure whether it’ll hit or not, give limited coupons. For instance, the first 50 customers would have a 60% off once they purchase the item. If the reviews and ratings are good, there’s no need to add more coupons just to have sales. Customers will take the initiative to visit your website, increasing traffic and boosting your popularity as well.

In conclusion

There are plenty of ways to optimize coupons for the benefit of your business. Regardless of what you choose, make sure that it’ll work and won’t dissatisfy your customers – after all, it’s the last thing that you want to happen.

Additional Tips

Make sure that your offers are simple. The simpler the offers are, the easier it would explain things to your clients. Also, create coupon codes that are not too complicated and lengthy. Customers won’t want to take the hassle of entering long codes. Finally, remember to promote your discount codes on some websites such as PlusVoucherCode.

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