It depends, first of all, on the age, the occasion, the venue, the genre of music, the season. A good rule of thumb would be to always know in which club you will spend the evening, and organize yourself accordingly.  Unless there is some particular event, in fact, the clubs generally offer evenings dedicated to specific musical genres, from R&B to Latin American, from tango evening to revival and techno.

First of all, going dancing presupposes the fact that you want to get noticed, useless to deny it.  Maybe there are also examples that go to the disco only and exclusively to listen to music, but, let’s face it, they are few and on the way to extinction.

latin dance dresses

From the length of the skirt to the type of heel, latin dance dresses, from make-up to hairstyle, in the disco every detail contributes to building a flashy look that attracts attention.  A few simple tricks are enough to understand how to dress to go dancing, enhancing your strengths.  Let’s see some general rules:

If you are in your 20s, you can afford almost everything with one limitation, profanity.  Yes to short skirts, minidresses and skimpy tops but be careful not to overdo it.  Remember that overdressing or excessively sexy outfits risk making you fall into bad taste.

If you are a little older, however, the advice is to take care of the look and make it very sophisticated.  Choose dresses enriched with particular details rather than showing centimeters of bare skin at all costs.  No particular restrictions, however, for make-up, always within the limits of good taste.

Maintain the right balance between aesthetics and comfort.

A rule that applies to everyone, regardless of age: bring a small bag with you, to be worn over the shoulder.  Clutches are very pretty but holding them gracefully while dancing may not be the best in comfort.

The advice is to choose a garment around which to rotate the whole look.  Identify your strengths and try to enhance them by dressing smartly. If, on the other hand, you have a nice, choose a top with a generous neckline.

As for the color, black is always an elegant choice, but, in summer, you can also orient yourself on brighter and brighter colors.  Yes also to white, which, with the lights of the disco, creates a fluorescent effect that will certainly not make you go unnoticed.

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