Clinc, is mainly an AI platform company. This company was founded in the year 2015 by some of the computer scientists of Michigan university. Recently it has extended its reach to the financial market.  This platform has provided different new-age virtual assistants.

Top features provided by Clinc

Clinc, has mainly worked across different verticals. Some of the early clients include Wendy’s, Stryker, Chick-fil-A, and Ford. In comparison to the speech-to-text, word matching algorithm, this platform mainly analyzes different types of factors from the user’s point of view. This mainly includes sentiment, wording, intention, tone of voice, time of the day, relationship as well as location.

This also uses some of these factors to deliver the type of answer which mainly represents the composite of knowledge that is being extracted from the trained brain. This company mainly employs the technology of machine learning. In the case of different industries some of the tasks performed by different Clinc user’s using their voice include:

  1. The user can check their bank statements.
  2. They are mainly able to activate as well as manage the cards.
  3. The customers can initiate the payments as well as the transfers.
  4. The user can access different types of rewards as well as able to locate the ATMs.
  5. The user is mainly able to access technical support.
  6. Customers can report about the lost or stolen cards, and change their addresses in a single interaction, without speaking to any human.
  7. This platform mainly provides a complete set of documentation, developer tools, experienced training resources, as well as a dedicated customer support team to the developers. So that they can create different solutions the customers will appreciate.

Know Before Choosing Clinc

Top benefits offered by Clinc

  1. The customer needs to wait for less time to get the response so that there can be an increase in overall productivity.
  2. With the help of personalized interaction, one will be able to improve customer retention so there can be a loyal customer base.
  3. The operational cost can be reduced

This company has got a 95% containment rate. This has shown the interactions with over 10 million users in the production environment. Clinc is the main independent “trained brain” which has mainly given an initial thorough knowledge about the financial as well as the banking industry. This company is able to provide the customized solution for its different customers. These are some of the well-known facts about the Clinc.

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