A WAN (Wide Area Network) is nothing but a network that is extended over a large geographical region to connect computing devices and systems. An SD-WAN is a Software-Defined Wide Area Network that virtually connects the systems. Traditional WANs used to use physical routers for the connection but SD-WANs do not. It is a new and better network if compared with the old one.

Communication takes place over the internet where data is encrypted.


  1. SD WAN Solutions work in real-time. It does not take hours to process or deliver the data.
  2. It can handle complex traffic as it can manage various types of connections. Apart from multiple data, it can grasp high volumes of information too.
  3. The costs are much lower than any other alternative as MPLS, LTEs can be replaced.
  4. SD-WAN allows users to have the access to cloud-based resources. Thus, it makes it user-friendly, as traffic does not need to go back to the central location again and again.
  5. It is mostly used by organizations for work-from-home purposes. It provides alternative options for the employees.
  6. The connection is secure and safe to use. It is reliable to use.
  7. There is no issue related to backhauling.
  8. The best thing is that it provides the facility of cloud usages. The connectivity is, thus, always enhanced and better. Not to mention how automation helps to a large extent.

How To Have It?

  1. You need to visit the administration portal first to log in then create a POP (point of presence).
  2. Add the hub devices as a router by accessing POP.
  3. Activate the hub. You can use a utility or can activate it manually.
  4. Do the remaining setup. Access what is needed.
  5. Control and monitor the SD-WAN and application visibility.

You can simply contact the dealer for the initial setup.

There are majorly three components involved with SD-WAN Solutions. The base, the controller, and the visualizer complete the SD-WAN network. The architecture is incomplete without these.


An SD-WAN may sound complicated but it makes the task much easier than before. As the world is catching pace with the latest growth in the technological sector, wireless and virtual systems are becoming more and more popular these days. An SD-WAN is one of the examples. It comes with various advantages and benefits. The cost is less, the connection becomes secure and less centric, handling of complexity increases along with many more things. An SD-WAN is needed of the hour.

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