Fishing is a very great means of passing the time. But more than that it is very good to have fish for food and people all over the world depend on fish for food. It is very good for health and it fish has so many benefits over sicknesses and diseases. The by-products of fish are also used in many ways. But today, let’s shift our focus to one of the oldest fishes that have been used for food. You might have guessed it right, it is the Salmon.

Some interesting things about the Salmon:

People who lived in bygone days in the North-Western part of the Pacific Ocean actually completely depended on the Salmon for their daily food needs. The Wild Salmon is a very good source of all the essential fatty acids and also it has Vitamin D. So it is a very unusually good source of health benefits. These Salmons are usually born in the rivers and they also breed in the rivers but they usually live in the oceans. There are many different types of salmons all over the world. They are renowned for their food and their contribution to human health.

Breeding and Culturing Wild Salmons:

Actually, the Wild Salmons can be cultivated for both commercial purposes, that is, to be sold as a food source and also for recreational purposes. As said earlier, these salmons are born in small rivers and streams and they live in oceans and seas for maximum 6 years. After that they come back to the same place where they were hatched by using the sense of smell as memory and they come back for spawning. But if there is unfortunately any change in the nature of the water due to contamination, then it becomes impossible for them to come back home.

The king salmon and the Coho salmon are being cultivated in salmon farms in New Zealand and Canada. The Atlantic salmon is being cultivated in many parts of the world for both food and as a means of recreation for sports purposes. But this cultivation of salmons is not very advisable in most parts of the world and salmons are said to be in danger of extinction in the near future. And so many activists are against such culturing of salmons in many parts of the world. Therefore, it’s better not to culture them in farms.

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