If you have heard about the word ‘discovery’ in legal works, you must know that it is the sole chance to get to know the opposition party’s evidence and how they are going to go about the case. In order to justify one’s contention and pardon the opposition’s contention, the set of interrogatories play a very important role. There are many questions that can be asked of you related to the case. If you deny the allegations or the evidence that arise the possibility of a certain happening, you might see the result in court but in case you approve them, you will be asked to present the supporting fact, evidence or documents and witness for your statements.

What you should remember is that whether you are the defendant or defense, do not give answers that are improper or have no legal proof. This leads to disruption of your cases’ foundation and also arises many uncertainties on your part. This may affect you in the later stages if not in discovery.

Interrogatories California

How to draft Contention Interrogatories California:

  • Alertness is the key:

As mentioned above, scenes that involve contention interrogatories are very sensitive and require a large attention span. The statements by the defense or the defendant might have loopholes that may rise to chaos later. For instance, if the statement of claim made by them involves large volumes such as a large number of people, etc. which doesn’t prove the point directly, try avoiding them in the draft. Start with broader questions and try to get clear answers out of the first and then go digging up in more specifics.

  • Stay in particulars only:

Try avoiding questions and contentions that will include more contentions or all of them. To get a clear idea of the whole scenario, every contention must be put forward one by one.

  • Include allegations in the plea:

When drafting the contention, state direct allegations instead of including the plea. If you include the plea as well, the contention may be declared as incomplete or improper.

  • Facts are important:

Ask for as many facts as possible that will prove the contention of the defense or defendant complete and acceptable.

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