Singapore is looking like a great place to invest with a strong emerging economy and a prime location for trade and business. Singapore has three mainstrong points which would encourage investors to start noticing: its closeness to China, a free trade belief system and a very diverse economy.

There are so many reasons as to why you would want to consider investing in Singapore.  Singapore is well known in the investment community for its trade and financial sectors. By 2025, CLSA forecasts that the country will overtake Switzerland and handle nearly a third of the world’s agri-commodity trade. The country’s robust financial markets have also become a key source of funding for a total market of 4 billion people within a seven-hour flight radius.

The Great Thing about investing in Singapore

Singapore has one of the world’s richest populations, very favourable demographics and a growing economy, but investors should be aware that its focus on trade leads to some level of economic dependence on global foreign trade. They have a big pharmaceuticals sector as well as big financial services, tourism and shipping sectors. This means it is well positioned to weather any future economic storms that may come along.

The Risks that you might be able to face

 Singapore’s economy is highly interconnected with China’s economy given its significant capitalization. Since 2015, this connection provided to be disadvantageous as China’s economy has slowed down significantly. Also, Singapore’s economy is heavily dependent on foreign trade, which led to a contraction during the 2001 bubble and 2008 financial crisis, but the country was quick to rebound, growing 14.5% by 2010.

Still, the factors that you have to consider…

Singapore has a very robust and successful economy driven by strong fundamentals, but it is susceptible to slowdowns in global trade and Singapore is best known in the investment community for its participation in global trade as one of Asia’s largest trading hubs, big financial centre full of glistening glass office buildings, Starbucks outlets, and even a Hard Rock Café. Here locals natter into iPhones, wear the latest designer gear and drive the latest BMWs, Audis and Toyotas. These guys make New Yorkers look laid back!

Before you plan on investing in this wonderful country, you need to carefully weigh these advantages and disadvantages. If you feel that the pros will do more good, and then just go for it! It is already proven that Singapore is rising and you will definitely want to be a part of that.


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