Pepper sprays are one of the most important self defence tools you need to have in your bag no matter where you’re going. You never know what kind of an unseen situation you’ll have to face while you’re out there alone. You can buy the best self defense pepper spray or make it at home. One of the best things about using a pepper spray is that you don’t need to be close to the attacker if you have to use the spray. You can be steps away and still use the spray to blind the attacker so that you can run away.

best self defense pepper spray

Human beings hesitate to hurt someone and it’s in the nature of most of the people which is why pocket knives and other harmful tools aren’t great all the time. Pepper spray can be used on anyone you think is trying to attack you but it won’t cause them any permanent damage. The effects of pepper spray will last only for a few hours which will give you enough time to escape. Even though you can make pepper sprays at home, you need to know that they aren’t going to be as effective as the ones you buy from a store. This is because what you get to buy from outside are manufactured with the help of machines and they deliver better results. Nevertheless, here is how you can make your own can of pepper spray at home:

  1. You need capsaicin and a liquid base to make pepper spray. Capsaicin is oil that you extract from chilli peppers while the liquid can be water, alcohol or vinegar. It’s better to use alcohol or vinegar since it helps to increase the shelf-life of the spray.
  2. Choose the hottest pepper available to make the pepper spray. Dry them using a dehydrator and mix them with some garlic and a few drops of baby oil in a blender. Make sure to wear rubber gloves and safety goggles so that you don’t burn yourself. The garlic and baby oil will help the spray stick for longer on the attacker’s body.
  3. Once you make a smooth paste of the above mentioned ingredients, add some vodka or vinegar to it. Keep this mixture overnight.
  4. Use a funnel and cheesecloth to filter out the pepper spray into a spray bottle of your choice. This spray will last for around 3 months.

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